Posted by: digicollage | August 22, 2006

“It Has To Make Sense”

This is the running theme for my daughter’s first grade class. I don’t like it.

 Now don’t get me wrong – I LOVE her teacher this year, and she’s fabulous with the kids. My dd’s learning a ton of great processes to problems… but “it has to make sense”??! Sure, in 1st grade, it’s a good mantra, but for adulthood it stinks. There’s no creativity in that statement. No room for big ideas that might not make sense. An ark didn’t make sense to Noah! HDTV wouldn’t have made sense to Edison, but it’s here!

Just for today, do something that doesn’t make sense! Pull out your camera, close your eyes, turn around once, or walk a few steps and turn, and CLICK! Turn around and open your eyes. I bet you’ll find something great… or at least different… when you get your film developed! Or shout in a field on the side of the road. Or make something crazy for dinner, or eat dessert first… just do something to wake up your creativity and joy!!



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