Posted by: digicollage | August 25, 2006

My Birthday Saturday!!!

Wish me a Happy Birthday on the 26th and enjoy 26% off any of my items at Plain Digital Wrapper!! Just enter coupon code: TDiddy

How cool is this?! I found it on this website: Just a little tip in case you wanna get me something for my birthday! 😉 LOL



  1. Hi Tammy! It’s already the 26th, my time. So, happy happy happy birthday! 🙂

  2. YUM>>> that looks delish.
    please email.. I sent ya one but haven’t heard from ya.

    BTW, Happy B’day!

  3. Happy Birthday, honey!!! I miss hearing from you so much.. but I love to see your work, and I miss my Andrea every day. I hope you have such an awesome birthday!

    love you,

  4. I still think I should have called and kept you up allnight, you kept me up 24 years ago!! At least you arrived at a decent hour, and when was the last time you were a week early for anything?

    Love ya kid,


  5. Happy Birthday Tammy! Hope you have/had a wonderful day!!!

  6. Tammy, Happy Belated Birthday! 🙂



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