Posted by: digicollage | September 25, 2006

School Cost Blues

When did free public school get so EXPENSIVE?!? We’re less than a month into the year, and already we’ve spent…

$40 – school supplies (half of which aren’t even used in Andrea’s room)

$13 – PTA and t-shirts for A and me

$30 – Book Fair (ok, it was only the $15 that we gave Andrea to spend until I went in there – you know I can’t turn down books!)

$20 – Girl Scouts, since all her girl friends were joining, we just HAD to join!

$90 – on breakfasts and lunches SO FAR!! $45 every couple of weeks!! Remember when lunch was under $1?! Now it’s $2.50!!

$25 – Fall Fundraiser – she got enough sales for the prize she wanted, so it was worth it, but geez!

And this week is Picture Day… I know I’m a photographer, but I ALWAYS buy the school pictures… why, I don’t know. I just have to for some reason! There’s another $30!!

No matter what anyone says, we’re spending just as much this year in public school as we did last year in private!! But it’s fun. 🙂


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