Posted by: digicollage | October 29, 2006

I need your help!

I am (gulp) the Fundraising Chair at my daughter’s school PTA. 🙂 I am in charge of planning and executing our Spring Carnival, and I need YOUR help!!

How can you help? Donations are welcome from anywhere in the USA for these needs:

  • By sponsoring the event with financial donations. We need corporate and individual donations: $5 can purchase several dozen game booth prizes. $10 can purchase several dozen prizes for the General Store. $50 can sponsor the printing of our event t-shirts. $100 can sponsor a Bounce House or inflatable slide. EVERY donation will be acknowledged in writing and signs at the event.
  • By donating NEW or USED art/scrapbooking supplies for class silent auction projects (each class is creating a silent auction project using donated supplies).
  • By donating NEW small toys and games (like McDonald’s toys, Lego sets, board games, Barbies, etc.) for the game prizes and raffle items.
  • By donating NEW art/craft items, gift certificates for goods and services, etc. for the silent auction.

EVERY donator will be sent a tax-deductible receipt for the value of their gift.

  • We also need local (Austin) sewers, handy-men/women, etc. to help crafting silent auction items and game booths.
  • Would you like to volunteer at the event in February??!! Send me your contact information for more details!

Please send all donations to:

Anderson Mill Elementary, Attn. Tammy Moore (Fundraising Chair), 10610 Salt Mill Hollow, Austin, TX 78750

or contact me to schedule a time for a committee member to pick up your donation. THANK YOU in advance!!! 🙂



  1. Hi! I was one of the etsy people who volunteered to donate stuff. I had an e-mail disaster and lost your messages (long story.)

    When/where do you want to pick up the items? I’m planning on bringing on of my flower pot pen arrangements, and one other item. What are you looking for? I have a lot of novelty yarn scarves (see the “skinny scarves” item on my etsy page). I also have potholders, coasters, dishcloths, hacky sacks and other stuff, and I could probably whip up a hat or stuffed animal. What are you looking for? (Stuff for kids,/men/women? Expensive stuff? Cheap stuff? What will sell the best? Is this a Valentine themed event? What are other etsiers bringing? I don’t want to repeat.) I’ll probably do the scarf if you’re not sure. Any particular colors or styles? (I’ll see what’s in my stash.)

    I also may be able to help with toys, craft supplies and creating booths. Let me know.

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