Posted by: digicollage | October 30, 2006

You’ve GOTTA be kidding me!!!!

I love Dallas, but this article in the DMN INFURIATES me!!!! My ‘favorite’ lines:

  • “Without the cochlear implant I wouldn’t be where I am today,” Michael says.
  • “Through their research they discovered Callier Center for Communication Disorders at the University of Texas at Dallas.” **I have ALWAYS hated that the Callier Center was for ‘Disorders’ – being Deaf is not a DISORDER!
  • “Michael’s life could have been very different without the implant. ‘Twenty years ago, Michael would have been in deaf education, and would have been limited to communicating with people with sign language.'” **Gee, not only have I met dozens of Deaf people who communicate just FINE with hearing people, but they actually thrive!! Who would’ve thunk?! OMG!!
  • Like many seniors, he is contemplating colleges… He says the implant is allowing him to fulfill his dreams. “I have a desire to be the best,” Michael says. **Wow, I guess all those Deaf students at universities all over the country are just faking, because how in the world would they actually GO to college without an implant?? If somebody sees Jay, tell him his straight-A physics degree is bunk to DMN because he doesn’t have an implant.

 Alright, I’m coming off my soap-box now, but this is the kind of crap that makes me FURIOUS! Between this attitude and the security guards who are off killing and bulldozing people at Gallaudet because they can’t sign, dumb hearing people are sure having a week… 😦


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