Posted by: digicollage | March 28, 2007

Long time no write…

I told you, I’m not a natural “blogger”! As much as I love having an online platform to speak from, it’s not usually on my to-do list. What I have to say isn’t too exciting! LOL

 Anyhow, things here are alright… Andrea’s been sick (God, when will it end?!), Matt’s been working 7AM-6PM (UGH!), and I’ve been working myself out of a creative funk. Lots of good stuff in the pipeline though:

Friday-Matt and I go play poker at a cigar shop in town (I won 2 weeks ago, with him coming in second!!) Girls rule, boys drool! 😉

Sat-One of Andrea’s best friends from school has a b-day party.

I’ve got lots of good stuff coming out… I’ll have 3 articles coming out in the next couple months in a bi-monthly magazine. My work will be at Barnes & Noble!! SO exciting! Plus, I’m working on a bunch of little projects to sell and write articles about. My creative funk is slowly floating away. I’ve actually made two layouts in the past two days! Real scrapbooking again! Haha. I’ll upload those when I get a chance.

So, there it is – a rather boring update. haha Aren’t you glad you read my blog today?! :p Love, ~T~


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