Posted by: digicollage | April 19, 2007

Vote for ME!!

As introduction to my new line of collage pendants, I’ve joined Jewelry Galore – a list for jewelry designers. Please help me get on the homepage by voting for me! Just follow the link to the right, and click on the “Vote for Collage Objects” button. It’s that simple!! Let me know you’ve voted, and I’ll send you a free digital goodie (one per person, please)!!

Thanks!! ~Tammy~



  1. I voted for you! Good luck!

  2. I voted for you! I think these are wonderful! Good Luck!

  3. I voted for you…

  4. I voted for you, good luck!

  5. I voted, all the very best of luck :O)

  6. I voted for you! Nice work!

  7. I voted for you, currently your in 4th with 16 votes. Will try and vote again tomorrow!

  8. so you want a vote, ok.

  9. BTW, can you advise me on how to get my banner on that list, I’m on there too and can’t seem to figure it out.


  10. I have voted, and you were fourth on the list!

  11. […] Vote for ME!! […]

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