Posted by: digicollage | July 20, 2007

Central Heat/Air??

So, I’m sitting here watching a house “flipping” show on TLC, and they’re talking about NOT having central heat/air! I know I’m in Texas, but REALLY – where in the country do you not need central air??!! I’ve been to NYC and they didn’t have a/c, but they did have central heating.

So, where you live, do you have central heat/air??




  1. I moved to Utah from Texas a while ago, now we are moving even farther north to Montana, but in Utah they have these things called SWAMP COOLERS and they are the most retarded things in the world! They make all sorts of noise, they sit on top of the house or on some attached part, you have to crack a door or a window to circulate the air around the house (very unsafe practice), and they only REALLY cool the spaces closest to them the best. It’s insane.

  2. We didn’t have air the first few years we lived hear in Chula Vista, CA (5 miles N of the Mexico border). We don’t use central heat or air very often even though we have them both in the house we’re in now. There’s only a few days a year you need the air at all. The weather is awesome here – that’s why it’s so expensive to live anywhere in the San Diego area.

  3. I live on the upper Texas Gulf Coast and without A/C I think I would die. Not from the heat but the mold that would grow from the humidity. On the other hand if I go someplace without the humidity, I get sick, so I cannot win for losing…LOL

    Have you ever noticed how cold they keep hotel lobbies and such? You need a sweater in August if you hve to spend more than a few minutes in one. Several other places seem to keep it too cold also, or maybe it is just this old lady thing kicking in for me..

  4. Florida – and you better believe we have central A/C and heat! We cannot walk from the house to the car without breaking out in a sweat. The A/C runs about 8 months the heat maybe 2. The other 2 months we get to have the windows open 🙂

    Spent last weekend – mid July! – up at our Georgia mountain house and did not have to turn the A/C on at all!!! Very pleasant. We were working too!

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