Posted by: digicollage | November 11, 2007

Hello! Back again…

After a long hiatus from blogging, I’m back! 🙂 Whew, October was a busy month!! Glad that it’s November, even if that means it’s only 8 weeks until Christmas!

Life stuff…

Halloween was fun, went to a Fall Festival at a local church. Andrea was a cowgirl (she’s obsessed with horses, so it was only fitting!). They had ponies there, so my cowgirl got to ride… so fun. Here’s a couple pics:

It’s officially Christmas at Starbucks! Glad that’s done!

Have you taken the pledge?! I have! Check it out by clicking this button:

Work stuff…

I have LOTS of new stuff up at

New stuff at Etsy too! Click the link on the right side of blog to go there! 🙂

And now to what you REALLY want…. a FREEBIE!! LOL Well, here ya go: FREEBIE 

Thanks for reading! Leave me a comment, a request, or just some love! 🙂 Until later… ~TM~



  1. Thanks so much, Tammy!

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