Posted by: digicollage | April 26, 2008

Good News!! And a winner!!

Went to the neurosurgeon yesterday and he said that the tumor is so small, and since the area around it isn’t inflamed, and there aren’t any “fingers” coming out of it, that he’s 90% sure that it’s BENIGN!!! WOO HOO!!! He said to wait three months, and then have another MRI just to be sure that it’s not growing. But he said that he gets a lot of those cases every week, he can tell that it’s not something to be worried about!

Now he also said that the tumor’s NOT causing the numbness, so I’ll still have to go in for a lumbar puncture, but that’s nothing (esp. since they can knock me out for it!), lol.

Thank you all SO VERY MUCH for your kind words and love. I can’t tell you what that’s meant to me!

SO…… please give a BIG round of applause for the WINNER…S!! I couldn’t choose just one name, so here are the two names that I couldn’t resist:
Barney (by Mimi) – because it made me laugh so hard thinking of the tumor as a dancing purple dinosaur that I’d like to stab!
Tilon (by Amy W.) – since it seemed so fitting that the name actually mean tiny mound or rock.
These two ladies will receive BOTH my new kits!
I really can’t begin to thank you all for your kindness and love. I’ll try to get back to everyone, but if I miss you, please know that I thank God for you and your kindness.
With all my heart,


  1. Wow, that’s fabulous news! I’ll still be keeping you in my prayers but that’s such a wonderful gift to have been given that news. I’m honored you chose my name, there were so great ones too! Thanks bunches for the kits, I’ll go grab them directly, now to find the time to scrap- LOL!
    -Amy W.

  2. That is good news! I’m glad everything is going to be ok! Barney Tilon – Great! Good thing its not a big purple dancing tumor, lol.

  3. Anchorperson says : I absolutely agree with this !

  4. Could you please please email me? It’s about the tumor

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