Posted by: digicollage | October 28, 2008

Featured Designer and Other Goodness

Did you see the PDW newsletter this weekend?? What, you didn’t? You ARE signed up for the newsletter, aren’t you?! You’re not?! Well open up another window and sign up!! It’s… but don’t close this screen!!! W..A…I…T….

 Funny, Good, Happy, Emotion, Excited, Excite, Silly, Excitement, Hurray, Encouragement, Applause, Groovy, Fun, Great, Awesome, Teriffic, Good Job, Nice Job, Well Done, Best, Encouragement, Fan, Cheering, Success, Fantastic, CheerYou’re still here! Whew! Well, for those who didn’t see the newsletter, I was the Featured Designer of the week, and gave out some FREE GOODNESS!! Check it out below:

Get to Know the Designers at Plain Digital Wrapper Scrapbooking Shoppe

Meet Plain Digital Wrapper Designer
Tammy Moore

1. Tell us a little about yourself:
My name is Tammy Moore, and I am wife to Matt and mom to

Andrea (almost 9).

I am the Mail Order Manager for Lammes Candies, and have been

 designing on the side for almost 3 years.

2. Where do you live?
Austin, Texas, although I grew up in Bryan/College Station

(go Texas Aggies!! WHOOP!).

3. Do you scrap? Paper? Hybrid?
I’ll admit, I’m a paper gal. 🙂 I love hyprid projects though,

and try to digitally scrap whenever the mood strikes.

4. What’s your favorite thing to design?
Elements – I love the instant gratification! LOL

5. What’s your favorite thing you have designed?
My favorite item is my “Pin-Ups” just for their fun-ness

(is that a word?! LOL) I also love that these girls have a little

padding on them, and are so confident in their bodies and attitudes
Pin Ups by Tammy Moore










6. If you had an entire day to do whatever you wanted,

what would you do?
Well, half the day would be gone by sleeping… I

 mean it, I love to sleep in! Then I’d get up, wear jeans, a tank top and flip flops,

and spend most of the day at a coffee shop reading and drinking lattes.

Then Matt and I would go out for dinner, pick up Andrea,

go get dessert together, and fall asleep exhausted.

7. What’s the last movie you recommended?
Hairspray (it’s a Top 5 favorite)

8. What’s the last book you read?
The Ruby Ring (I love historical romances and mysteries)

9. What’s one thing no one would ever guess about you?
Christian Bale was my first celebrity crush… back in 1992!

He was in “Newsies”, a Disney musical (still my favorite movie ever),

and I fell in love. 🙂

10. What’s the most (pick one) exciting,

adventurous, crazy, interesting, unique thing

you have ever done?
I have danced (the bunny-hop!) on

Radio City Music Hall’s stage!

Swing by Plain Digital Wrapper between now and

Sunday, November 2

to pick up this fantastic element pack by Tammy as our

complimentary gift to you!

The Office by Tammy Moore










Have a great week! 🙂 New Releases are tomorrow! ~TM~


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