Posted by: digicollage | November 24, 2008

Monday Rant

Bear with me folks… it’s been a long week of 10 hour work days (and 6 hours Sat. and 1 hour Sun.), plus a major FUNK, but here’s today’s rant.

When did common decency go out the window?

When did crushing somebody’s feelings become “business as usual”?

When did morality become a dirty word?

When did education end at the school bell?

When did friendship become too difficult?

When did work-life-balance disappear?

When did entertainment begin requiring 4-letter words?

When did tradition become tedious?

When did compliments become cliche?

When did protecting your children become wrong?

When did caring about strangers become weird?

When did faith become conditional?


Like I said, it’s a rant, but it’s what’s on my mind today.



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