Posted by: digicollage | February 24, 2009


I figured out something last night… something that permiates through everything I do (for good and bad):

I don’t take myself too seriously.

Now, half the people who know me would say I’m way too serious in disposition (which is true) and the other half would say I’m  not serious enough (also true). But what it comes down to is that I don’t take myself too seriously.

I’ll be the first to make fun of myself, or admit that I don’t know something (and that it’s ok that I don’t). As a kid (and sometimes now!) if somebody called me a “chicken” I’d literally look them in the eye and reply “BAUCK!!” That threw the teasing bunch for a loop.

That’s not to say that I’m not hard on myself. I never forgive myself for something I’ve done/said wrong. I’m sometimes tormented by past mistakes or missteps. But in the end, I try to look at myself in the most honest light:

I’m not perfect. Never will be. I will try my best, and work hard, but if that doesn’t work out, oh well. God loves me, as I am. Imperfect. Clutsy. Goofy. Serious. Happy or depressed. And nothing anybody says or does can change that. I will try and succeed sometimes, and I will try and fail just as many times. But who doesn’t??

My thought for today… don’t take yourself too seriously. If you screw up, OK!! If you succeed, GREAT!! If everybody looks at you like you’re weird, it’s because YOU ARE! We ALL are weird in some way or another!! Enjoy laughing at yourself, enjoy working hard, but mostly just enjoy being yourself. God loves you that way. 😉



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