Posted by: digicollage | February 24, 2009

Word Play

On my daily visit over to I joined this fabulous word exercise. My letter and response are in the comments over there, but I thought I’d post them here too:

My letter was “C” (thanks Susannah!)

chrysanthemum – I just love saying this word and feeling my lips go numb by the end!

conundrum – another fun one to say

conquest – visions of great fleets of ships on the horizon… not great for the one’s being conqurered, but a great mental picture in the meantime

concure – a fabulously delicious word we should say much more often

chagrin – even SAYING the word makes me grin! And thinking a handsome man being chagrined makes me grin even more!

cogent – although I always pronounce this incorrectly, I still use it all the time

court – as in “to court a lady”. You notice the word “court” just can’t be uttered in the sentance “why don’t you court a skank?” That should say something about society, I think.

That’s 7… hmm…

COFFEE – my nectar of life!! Happiness can be found in a cup of coffee. Especially if you’re still sitting in the coffee shoppe!

companion – soothing…
comforting – word. 🙂 I love the word comforting, just makes me think of a motherly hug (either with my daughter or mother), a warm quilt, more coffee.

computer – couldn’t live without it. I think I could get used to not having the internet (lol… maybe) but to not have typing, games, Photoshop… it’d just be over.

Ok, there’s my 10! 🙂

I would REALLY encourage you to go bookmark Susannah’s blog – it’s fabulous and such an inspiration each day.


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