Posted by: digicollage | February 26, 2009

Andrea’s First Call

Andrea had her first call last night from a school friend! Not that she hasn’t talked on the phone to her friends before, but it’s always been after we parents talked, etc. This time the little girl called for Andrea specifically. You should’ve seen her face beaming as they talked – shyly, since Andrea wasn’t sure what to say/talk about, but it was so magical to watch.

Andrea’s had a hard time adjusting to her new school, and has had a hard time finding close friends. 3rd grade seems to be the year of cliques starting (they didn’t do that until middle school in my days!) and vicious personal attacks… everything from how you dress, speak, act, or even just what you love. It’s not enough that most the kids her age love Hannah Montana… the ones that don’t aren’t content unless they’re making fun of her and those who like her relentlessly.

I know this is normal for childhood, although it’s a lot rougher than I remember. It’s been a rough year, so I was so excited for the call last night! I couldn’t stop smiling and almost burst into tears!! LOL I should’ve snapped a photo to scrap, but I was in the middle of cooking eggs, so that probably wouldn’t have been good! 🙂 It was a short conversation, homework to do and all, but it was literally one of my happiest moments of this year.

A play date was set for Saturday, and her mom’s number is in my phone. Thank God for little blessings of kindness and friendship.



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