Posted by: digicollage | March 12, 2009

It’s a crummy day in the neighborhood…

Well, the temps went from 70 to 40 yesterday (in about an hour) and have stayed there with the introduction of fog and drizzle. Thought I heard some hail last night, but I’m not sure (didn’t get up to check!)
We here in Texas ARE NOT used to cruddy weather, so everyone seems to be a little sadder when it’s yucky. Of course you have the few people who are SO happy because “we need the rain”, but mostly we’re all kinda dumpy and grumpy and ready to go play outdoors again (esp. those in Austin… not that I’m one of them, but STILL!) 🙂

At this juncture I find myself bummed, cold, with no energy. Any ideas for a pick-me-up?



  1. kool..have a Happy Journey. I guess you will be in Vijayawada by 3pm the next day. I often used to travel in this route by Kerala Express. Click

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